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Jak zacząć?

How to start?

Building, rebuilding or breaking-downs, adapting to surrounding environment or changing of functional purpose is a very difficult task requiring careful preparation.
Specific documents, technical blueprints, town and administrative documents permitting ability to build are essential for having a legally binding right to own a property. 

Having to get every single of these things done is time consuming and can cause quite a headache.

Our qualified specialist are here to help.

What to start with?

Once we own piece of land on which we can build we must:

  •       Obtain decision regarding conditions of the building for the given investment or write-out of local plan of territorial development.
  •       Obtain requisite annex documents for delivery of media for planned investment (Energy, water, canalization, gas etc.)
  •       Purchase of maps used in creating projects
  •       Order conveyancing of documented projects
  •       Initiating a legal request to build.

 Reluctant about formality that come with an investment?

We are here to do it all for you.

  •       We’ll help you acquire building materials essential in building
  •       We will draw out sketches and concept pictures
  •       We’ll create realistic visualizations of your investment
  •       We’ll get legal binding papers needed
  •       We’ll develop building and installation projects
  •       We will also create regulatory projects and estimates
  •       And lastly will present concept of inside arrangements.